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Fantasy Football and Work

Guys: don’t join Fantasy Football at work. Just don’t do it.

Know why? Because you never know who is in cahoots. The VP of our Department here at “Tired” is a dick as is, so I knew it’d be trouble with him in it. He is the boss so a few illegal moves in the league were overruled by the league’s commissioner, a pawn of the VP. The Pawn has already explained to me with some crappy excuse why VP gets his way…I just can’t question it.

So Coworker and I wanted to pull a trade today. It’s not the fairest of trades, but I felt Coworker could use the guys I offered. Immediately as the trade was made Pawn runs up to us like the little golem he is and says “oh sorry guys, everyone else in our league has to vote whether or not to accept the trade. I know, that rule was never there, but I forgot to set it up. Please propose the trade again so everyone can vote.”

Now how do you argue with this Pawn? It isn’t a league Coworker and I have been in before so we’re the rookies and subjected to Pawn whining to VP.

Ladies, apologies for the nerd talk. I tried to include purses and fashion into this post but it doesn’t seem to work with the topic. Um, to save your interest: Brad Pitt is awesome. I would totally pose for any painting he wants done.


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