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Brownman’s Halloween 2010

We went to a gay bar for Halloween itself. No, Brownman isn’t on the bi-side, but I can appreciate a great costume show. And the gays did not fail me. There was a gay snowman, gay forest man, gay Avatars, gay Native Americans…even a gay Pope! It was super awesome.

I rolled 4 people deep and my sister rolled with about 5 of her own people. As you recall, I sent an e-mail out to people to NOT fuck up my high. I am a fan of Halloween, so I couldn’t have my weekend ruined. And ideally I’d be the one to throw the Halloween party but after last year’s fight at our house there would be no more Hween parties.

My sister’s friends, however- I forgot to have my sis forward them the e-mail. Originally I gave them the wrong address for which gay club we’d go to and I was worried they already paid a cover charge and were in already waiting for us. But when we called them they were still in the car waiting for us. Apparently they were too scared to go into the gay club alone.

Additionally, these friends were not keen on the gay club idea so they didn’t grab a drink at the bar or anything. I don’t know for sure what the issue was with them, chances are they were being cautious because they had to drive home…but why even show up if you plan to leave in an hour like they did?

Any hoo…we also went to a minority party in Brooklyn the night before Halloween. Oh why is it minority? No, not because it’s in Brooklyn. No, not because the majority of people were Hispanic. Just because when we got there maybe 3 hours after the invite time (we had a prior engagement) there was barely any booze. I guess the younger crowd at the party got happy that they could get a drink without being carded.

At this minority party the wife and I won 1st place for Best Couple costume. We actually lost to a couple that left earlier- but I feel they got the pity vote. They recently got married and dressed up as a dead married couple. Mrs. Brownman and I won because my costume was just too damn awesome. It helped that she was also a Transformer.

Here’s her costume:


and this was mine:



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