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Another Day At Work

Tex Mex: yet another day

Brownman: dammit
Brownman you jinxed it
Brownman i was hoping it wouldn’t be another day

Tex Mex: lol

Brownman: instead, maybe it’d be the day dinosaurs attack and destroy only my boss’ office
Brownman: with her in it, clearly
Brownman: no no thats wrong
Brownman: she’s preggers
Brownman: maybe they come, a pterodactyl swipes in and knocks her over with its huge wingspan
Brownman: and she is in a coma but the baby is delivered prematurely by 1 month
Brownman: and with this early delivery comes the choice for her husband
Brownman: save the baby…or the wife
Brownman: complications leave room for only 1 woman in his life
Brownman: and the gripping conclusion to this long-winded fantasy is that he chooses Brownman: the easily because he was cheating on her anyways

Tex Mex: omg

Brownman: what…it was the pterodactyl comment wasnt it?
Brownman: too much?

Tex Mex: nah id think dinosaur chomps off her head and baby is delivered via C section

Brownman:: so the husband thing was not cool? how about he tells her before she is taken from him “honey…douchebag of a wife…i been sleeping with the maid”
Brownman: hmm that’s weird
Brownman: a russian with a maid

Tex Mex: yea


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