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Oprah or Your Mom’s Legs?

Remember readers. I am always trying to get Bellies (one of the most racist men I have ever met) to say “yes” to banging a black female.

Brownman: your mother is about to lose both legs to surgery. Oprah, of course, has the secret to saving the legs via her one of her items in her top 10 gifts. Will you make rubber-less love to the cow in order to save your mom’s legs?
Brownman: dude…ur mom’s legs are about to get sawed off
Brownman: will you please answer??
Brownman: oprah is drying up here

Bellies: ah just another thing wrong with my mom her disability check will go up … off with her legs

Brownman: wow u are pure evil
Brownman: your mother almost lost her legs trying to rip ur large ass from her womb
Brownman: now you want to finish the job

Bellies: yes

Brownman: what time u work today?

Bellies: 2PM

Brownman: and u still talking to me about your mother? go jerk off man

Bellies: nah


2 Responses

  1. You want him to get him to hypothetically bang a black chick and you pick… Oprah? I wouldn’t do that hag for all the moms legs in the world.
    Try Zoe Saldana next time (or Mariah Carey but that’s a mean trick)

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