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Mr. Roboto

Mrs. Brownman: My coworker, Hideki, has been super annoying these past few weeks. I’m just abrupt with him. When he asks how the project is going I say ‘it’s fine.’ I’d assume he could take the hint that I am mad and annoyed at him.

Brownman: Really?

Mrs. Brownman: Yea. Don’t guys get that all the time? ‘It’s fine’ or ‘I’m fine’ usually means ‘it’s all going to hell’ or ‘it ain’t so fine’ coming from a girl…

Brownman: Yea sure…assuming the guy isn’t oblivious to the girl he’s talking to and cares. He’s a manager. So you think if any subordinate of yours said ‘the project is fine’ in a tone that indicated it was in fact, not fine, you would care? It’s your subordinate. Get that shit done, spare me the feelings.

Mrs. Brownman: I guess.

Brownman: Plus, he’s Japanese. There’s a reason the song says ‘Doro orogato Mr. Roboto’…they don’t have any feelings towards women…or humans…

I forget the rest of this conversation. Let’s assume Mrs. Brownman agreed with my last statement there.


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