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Halloween at Tired

Clearly women run our HR department here at “Tired” and complain the most outside the department.

>As of 2 weeks ago no Halloween costumes were permitted. You can enter the contest for best costume however by taking a picture from home and sending it in.

>1 week ago the deadline to take a picture was extended past Halloween.

>5 days ago we were allowed to wear costumes to work but only during designated hours the Friday before Halloween

>3 days ago: “Please be advised that while Halloween costumes and jeans will be permitted tomorrow, employees must still wear appropriate foot attire. This means that sneakers (and other footwear typically deemed inappropriate for the workplace) will not be permitted. “

>Yesterday: “Due to feedback we received, it has been decided that sneakers will be permitted as long as they are relevant to one’s costume.”


7 Responses

  1. sounds to me like they cant seem to get it together. I think I would just stay home that day… less confusion.

  2. %$&@#!!!!!

  3. @brownmancity: No baby, Im in California.

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