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Farewell Limewire

For all us minorities, we have lost a major force in our culture. It is called Limewire, the free software that allows us to “share” music. Granted, I know it isn’t fair to use this program to “share” music for free while gypping the artists that put out the music…but what minority doesn’t want a “steal” of a deal? I am against buying an album for only 1 decent song…and I don’t like paying the tax for 1 song via iTunes. It’s stupid- Apple charges you $1.29 when we all know that it’s $1.09 when you charge proper tax on $0.99 items (minorities hit up the Dollar Menu from McDonald’s a lot).

Limewire is being investigated by the Government and the software is shutdown. Whoa is me. Please leave your suggestions as to where I can turn to. Thanks.


4 Responses

  1. I hated Limewire. It always clogged my computer and downloaded all kinds of shyt in the background. Kinda glad its gone…

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