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Other Side Of Mrs. Brownman

Mrs. Brownman: we’re doing a pinata for our week long halloween celebration
Mrs. Brownman: and Jose at work got a piece of chocolate from it
Mrs. Brownman: keep in mind we haven’t broken it yet
Mrs. Brownman: he gave me the chocolate and i asked him where he got it
Mrs. Brownman: he said from the pinata
Mrs. Brownman: and i said “we didn’t break it yet how did you get it? you made it didn’t you!”

Brownman: whutt

Mrs. Brownman: lol

Brownman: ewww

Mrs. Brownman: ew? he made the pinata

Brownman: ooooooooooooh

Mrs. Brownman: cause he’s mexican

Brownman: GOTCHA

Mrs. Brownman: damn u ruined it

Brownman: sorry, i didnt expect racism from you

Mrs. Brownman: he gave me a dirty look…lol and i was like “come on that was a good one!”
he said it was a good one…

Brownman: i thought you meant he made the chocoloate.which…is gross of course.only chocolate comes from the poophole i’d suppose.clearly i over thought this

Mrs. Brownman: damn babe way to be a girl about this and over analyze

Brownman: racism and sexism…you’re turning me on


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