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Random Conversations I Have: Bellies’ Job

Brownman: i need warmer socks. this is ridiculous but the warmer black socks make your feet sweat. then it gets cold all over again. maybe a heater then. Bellies, what’s your discount on socks at that fat people clothing store?

Bellies: lol

Brownman: big people socks might serve as a sweater

Bellies: one of those socks would reach ur crotch

Brownman: lol thats what i need!
Brownman: ball warmers!
Brownman: whats the discount

Bellies: I don’t know yet
Bellies: i can’t use it yet, so i did not ask yet lol

Brownman: oh makes sense
Brownman: cuz i was looking for a parachute
Brownman: thought a blazer would do fine

Bellies: nah u would need the thermals better traction


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