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Halloween Frenzy

We have a promotion like many companies for Halloween. A graphic was being created by a coworker for it and he threw in a pumpkin. The graphic was reviewed by everyone and they threw in their lame comments about how it wasn’t “Halloweeny” enough – our dick of a VP said his wife would tear up the graphic because there was no theme to match the sale. So Cunt of a boss goes up to Coworker and asks that the pumpkin be changed into a candle.

A candle.

Because that’s Halloween…how?

If I haven’t mentioned this before, Cunt has told this coworker before that he is the graphics guy and he should do his job rather than always seeking feedback on his creations. In line with that comment she has also told him that she knows what is better graphically because she knows what will sell, so do as she says. Cunt is pregnant. I have to remember that this is as good as it’ll get because once that cunt doesn’t get any sleep with a baby…we’re all screwed.


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