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How Would You Die?

Brownman: would u rather die all of a sudden with no warning at any time…or know that you will die in a few months in some pain

Mrs. Brownman: hmmm in a few months

Brownman: so we can make sweet love?

Mrs. Brownman: i’d like to make my peace with everyone
Mrs. Brownman: lol sure that too

Brownman: who do you have to make peace with?

Mrs. Brownman: i dunno family
Mrs. Brownman: and make sure you know exactly how i feel about u. so that i can write my death letter lol

Brownman: ha and include some nude photos with that letter

Brownman: i rather just go. that way people will be shocked and devastated
Brownman: and think “crap, i think i have unresolved issues with randy…now he’ll never know im ok with him”

Mrs. Brownman: thanks babe

Brownman: u know how i feel
Brownman: i feel yummy towards u
Brownman: dont touch another cock

Mrs. Brownman: lol ok baby i won’t

Tex Mex’s take…

Tex Mex: right away

Brownman: porque

Tex Mex: i am afraid to die
Tex Mex: you?

Brownman: right away also…so peeps can be devistated

Tex Mex: i dont know about that

Brownman: and think that they didnt get to love me and close up loose ends

Tex Mex: thats true gives them time to try and find peace with you and god

Brownman: yea…if people cant find the time to make peace with u while ur alive
Brownman: why bother reaching out before u die. cuz its like forcing them to patch things up…”oh man i gotta like Tex Mex now cuz he dying”. its almost insincere

Bellies’ take…

Bellies: Right away

Mr. Brownman: Porque?

Bellies: No need for pain

Bellies is a man of many words.


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