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Let Her Stay or Go?

Brownman: ah good question: let’s say your wang stopped working and ur wife needs some action. would u rather she cheat on u without u never being to actually prove it


just leave u

…again, u cant do anything regardless of ur wang

Friend: Or?

Brownman: the choices are to have her cheat on u, with u somewhat knowing or to have her leave u along with any kids you have and all

Friend: Leave me lmao

Brownman: yea? so u’ll be alone forever… cuz i mean, u cant use ur wang

Friend: I’m kool with that bro. my wang has enjoyed itself all these years, I’m sure he will be elected to the wang hall of fame, first ballot of course
Friend: U?

Brownman: i think I would tell Mrs. Brownman i rather her stay…it’d kill me…but she’s the only person that gets me


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