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Do you have people at your job that puts everyone on speaker phone when they make/receive a call? It’s interesting to observe the progression here at work. Cunt of a boss used to work out with the peasants like me in a cubicle before she was recently moved into an office. As a peasant (probably familiar to her native Russian ass) she would always speak on the phone itself.

Now that this Cunt has an office she is ALWAYS putting people on speaker phone. Con Edision to settle electric bills and now flipping out with a coworker because Cunt wasn’t involved in the process of something. She just has to have control of everything I swear.

I wouldn’t care if she were always on the speaker phone provided she utilizes her frigging door. But being right OUTSIDE her office I am just about ready to throw my coffee at her. Yea. I’ll waste a cup if it hits her square in the annoying face.

Boils. My. WATER. (end CAPS…and end ANGER…no ANGER still there)


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