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Relationship Over

You have a relationship with people at your job that you really never want to mess up? They can be a big player in the company, the IT guy that hooks you up all the time, just anyone you know that can easily influence your stay at the company. I have that with a big player who is the ear candy to the head of our department. This ear candy and I are okay in terms of relationship- I’m in a lot of meetings with him and the head of the dept.

But I think the other day that relationship is strained. Thanks to my dear Cunt of a boss. She lost control and got angered with Ear Candy doing things without her being involved. Ear Candy is above her but does not directly manage her. Cunt of a boss was actually complaining to someone else about this issue on the phone and so I forwarded an e-mail that explains what’s been going on without her involvement.

Dumb move on my part. I thought the e-mail would just be discussed among us. Instead Cunt of a boss forwarded the e-mail to Ear Candy and copied everyone else including the Head guy. She did not delete anything in the e-mail string. It looks like I ratted out Ear Candy. Thus, Cunt threw me under the bus.

Thanks a lot. I’m wondering if you get paid unemployment when you do the quitting…


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