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The Finger

I am currently typing with 3 fingers as opposed to 4. The doc slapped a splint of sorts on my Digitus II finger and I type sans pointer while clicking on my mouse Star Trek-style. I have the Live Long and Prosper look going since the middle and ring finger patrol the two mouse buttons. Awkward and weird- but at least it’s proof to my job here at “Tired” that I did actually go to the doctor. Something tells me if I didn’t have this splint they’d assume I was slacking off for two hours prior to work.

Ok let’s see if I can unzip my pants- gonna take a leak. Brb.

Not bad. Guess I don’t use my right index finger as much as I thought to pee or unzip. Good stuff.


One Response

  1. If I worked with you, I’d probably still be suspicious… mostly because I used to wrap my arm up in a splint the day after I skipped school.

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