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Doc’s Office

Let’s forget my hate for waiting so long to see a doctor. I mean why make appointments when the doctor’s office can’t keep ’em, right? Only 3 people on front of me and I’m here for almost an hour.

But what bothers me most about sitting here for so long is the new injury I’m developing here while I wait for an hour. I can’t sit comfortably in these chairs because I am skeeved (grossed) out by all the old and diseases people that’s sat here before me. So I hunch over with as little of my already little ass on the seat and am risking the health of my back in this awkward position.

But as Tex Mex put it while I get my “chipped nail” examined (bent finger from Sumo wrestling), I rather be here than at work. Yes Mrs. Brownman, I hate my job too.


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