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Sumo Fingers

Recently a bunch of us got together in our backyard and sumo’d. Sumo’d? Yes sumo’d. I rented sumo wrestling suits and we duked it out on the mat. I had some good times there, especially when the drinking picked up later in the night and I tried to wrestle my cousin. I think that was the biggest mistake.

I now currently don what looks to be at minimum a sprained tip of the right index finger, or digitus II. It’s sore and looks limp at the tip. There’s a slight awkward bend opposite to the other fingers so it looks even broken- but I feel that I’d be in pain or can’t even type right now if it were broken.

So if I can type and function everywhere else- why bother going to the doctor this week? Well since I work at a penitentiary, I need to punch in and out for work. The punch machine scans my right palm, and I need to score as close to 0 as possible to prove it’s really the Brownman punching in/out. Previous to the injury I averaged a score of probably 20. Since the injury I have been 50+ and dangerously close to getting scolded for not being “me” when I check in for the day.


4 Responses

  1. I hate your job.

  2. I can’t believe you guys had a sumo party. That’s epic
    … and the swollen digit was worth it

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