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Nobody Puts Him In A Corner

Coworker wants to have his cubicle moved to an empty one in front of me, as opposed to sitting behind me. Currently, for some possibly sane reason in the world of my workplace, his cubicle and all the other end cubicles in a row have only 2.5 walls. This means the back of his cube is exposed. Conveniently behind him is the water cooler and mini fridge which many people frequent throughout the day. A few paces next to the fridge is the copy machine/printer- equally visited. At times Coworker has to stop what he is doing because people get awful chatty when they are in the area. I blame Coworker for that because he has made himself approachable in an awfully dead department. People would love to talk to anyone that would give them the time of day like the fat girl in high school.

This causes for a lot of noise and awkward stares into Coworker’s cubicle while they are either filling up their water bottles or printing away. He has a web cam that he turned on one time and recorded 1.3 minutes of our VP of the dept just staring at his screen. The VP is super weird like that and seems to hate Coworker anyway based on all the jokes he cracks.

Needless to say, Coworker wants out of the cube. So he went to Cunt of a boss, our manager, and asked to be moved. She said that he can’t move because the VP has these “assigned seats.”

Because I guess he still has to learn our names like in high school? If we move from our assigned seats the post office will have no idea where to deliver the mail we never get? If we’re not in our assigned seats by 9AM we’ll get an “X” on our Delany cards? 3 “Xs” and it’s off to detention?

Get me outta here.


2 Responses

  1. She’s afraid he’ll get overexcited and watch porn

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