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Commotion on Brownman Block

Our entire block was blocked off and filled with firefighters as you can see from our window below. Earlier in the day one of them came up to our house and not be alarmed at the smoke coming from the abandoned house across the street from us. I guess because all of the local firefighters were already at the scene of the fire they caused. Smoke filled the streets and just couldn’t figure out why.


But why involve all firefighters in the area? What if a real fire happened? Anyone ever heard of this?

I’m sorry, it’s just weird. They didn’t have this gathering back in Queens where I grew up closer to the city. And with out neighborhood showing city-like tendencies I can’t imagine actual suburban crap going on.

Seriously! Like the city, people go around and collect our cans to redeem at the local supermarket for pennies. We had so much recyclables from the recent Sumo party gathering that someone just took our entire bag of recycled trash. Knowing me I got lazy and didn’t empty containers properly so they’ll get some leftover food to go with that beer bottle.


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