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What I Learned Today: Asians Love 8s and 3s

Brownman: Asian Friend! i need Chinese direction please

Asian Friend: sure. I will try my best

Brownman: Mrs. Brownman’s asian friend is getting married…we need a wedding card for them. where can i get those?
Brownman: like…china? do i have to dig a hole? if so, where?

Asian Friend: chinatown? 😛

Brownman: dammit

Asian Friend: You can get a regular card ya know

Brownman: but…we want to be awesome about it

Asian Friend: Why does it have to be chinese? lol

Brownman: cuz it’d be awesome! no other place than chinatown huh? guess hallmark will do

Asian Friend: I’ve never even seen one

Brownman: we’ll just go generic then. damn the Chinese

Asian Friend: hehe Are you giving money? amounts in 8’s or 3’s are lucky

Brownman: no way! brilliant!

Asian Friend: yes way so 188.88. eight in Chinese rhymes with the character for lucky/fortune. I think just fortune actually, not lucky.
Asian Friend: And then 3 sounds like the word to have babies. Haha. so you’re wishing the fortune or with them to have babies

Brownman: so i cant do 188.33? mix it up. so complicated

Asian Friend: I think people usually do one or the other. lol

Brownman: oh ok gotcha
Brownman: i think 188.88 and a registry gift works out yea?

Brownman: is that kosher? or egg roll?

Asian Friend: That’s very generous 🙂

Brownman: Sweet. And sour. Sweet and sour.


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