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Back to the Grind

So Cunt of a boss is in today. She started wailing on people probably 2 minutes into the workday. I am pretty safe from the wailing because I don’t even know what my job is here so I rarely interact. Not even to socialize because she is socially retarded. Proof:

A few weeks ago a coworker asked Cunt if she wanted any Indian snacks from the grocery that the coworker was going to on a lunch break. Cunt said yes, and upon return:

“How much do I owe you?” Cunt asked.

“Don’t worry about it! My treat, it isn’t much,” replied India.

“No. How much do I owe you? I do not want to owe you anything. I want to know how much it was.”

Cunt says it all in a matter-of-fact tone, nothing angrily or confrontational. But how can all that not sound awkward? What do you say to someone that just doesn’t even drop a “thank you”…rather makes it seem like “you’re not doing me any favors here, I can get this myself you jackanape.”

Fast forward to today. I didn’t even bother addressing the fact that Cunt was out on Friday because she went to see a football game in another state. She annoys me and the sound of her voice makes me cringe.

But I do sometimes forget to put my headphones on and I still hear her convos. Today she puts her work phone on speaker and begins talking to Con Edison. Who handles their utility bills out loud like that? Is this a Russian custom that I’m missing? As I write this, she’s talking in her native tongue there in her office.

I’m sorry readers. I must report on everything that makes this woman absurd. I must. Am I retarded here? This dunt is so awkward in the workplace!


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