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A Nazi Halloween

Guess what my job is having? A Halloween Costume contest!! Hooray!

But you have to submit your pictures to participate. Okay cool, let me continue to read this mass e-mail. Can’t be inappropriate. Duh. Oh wait, submission is the week of Halloween..well that makes sense. I mean, when else would I wear my costume- oh wait. “Please be advised the picture must be taken from your home. You are not allowed to wear any costumes at work.”

So…I am expected to get dressed in my costume at home BEFORE Halloween for 5 minutes to take a lame picture that people at work vote on via e-mail. Granted, if I had no life I might do this. But what if my costume was intricate to get in? It’s just so lame. Why even bother?

And how lame is it to not even encourage your company to have H-ween festivities? You can set rules to limit costume wearing during lunch in an isolated conference room. I used to work at a Jewish company where they didn’t even appreciate a “Christmas” reference but encouraged H-ween dress up for a lunch hour.

Holy Nazis, Batman!


2 Responses

  1. They don’t let you wear a halloween costume to work?… you should quit.
    I’m serious.

    • I ponder quitting everyday if it weren’t for previous unemployment teaching me some cosmic lesson. Though my current costume of Patience is getting old.

      I know, deep right?

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