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I feel Mrs. Brownman’s pain. She had a doctor’s appointment the other day and they drew blood from her left arm. I don’t know what to call that area they drew blood from…it’s where crackheads usually shoot in- the other side of the elbow. She was too scared to remove the band-aid because it was a band-aid from the doctor’s office. The ones that are industrial strength and rip more skin when it’s pulled off, leaving scars and the need for even more band-aids.

Luckily Mrs. B isn’t hairy. When I get those band-aids usually it uproots all the surrounding hair as I try to remove it ever so carefully. Water, fire, scissors- there is truly no way to remove it without feeling pain.


6 Responses

  1. I love getting blood drawn. It’s just interesting to me. Being a brown woman, I also suffer the hairy bandage rip off problem. It’s well worth it though.

  2. Hair Removal with Shaving
    Shaving is the most temporary method of hair removal because it merely cuts the hair off at the skin surface. Shaving does not make the hair shaft thicker, darker, or grow faster or slower. However, the short hair shaft may be more noticeable as it grows out because it has a blunt tip instead of the normal tapered tip. Shaving should be done after applying some type of moisturizer to the skin to help the razor glide over the skin, not cut or scrape it. Common moisturizers include water, shaving cream, hair conditioner, or body wash.

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