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Two (2) Cunt-of-a-Boss Stories

I know, “here we go again, another Cunt story, Brownman??”

Fine. I won’t tell you. Nahhh let me just have you marvel in how awesome my boss is. For the sake of wearing out her awesomeness, I’ll combine 2 things into 1 post:

a) this Cunt sits there and does who knows what all day. Pretty much puts out fires surely- because she’s always in a panic. But that’s also because she isn’t organized and barely reads anyone’s e-mail so things are bound to go wrong. But I hear everything that goes on because I sit right outside her office.

Today the head of our department comes up to her and for the first time asks her “so I was thinking we should create something on our website that’s informational and great for getting more visits via the Search Engines.”

Cunt: I was thinking the same thing, I wanted to get the page created. I’ve been saying this for so long Head of Dept, I know what you are talking about. I was doing this and I’ve been trying to say this all the time, I know the importance of this. I know. We will be getting this done because I was thinking how much this is important.

Ok, so you’re saying: Brownman, I call BS on your ass. Well dudes, no. She seriously said all of that. And of course, she never thought or mentioned any of this thought to anyone apparently. Such a fake kiss ass.

b) Cunt curses. A lot. And it’s really annoying. She curses to me in casual conversations and work-related stuff when I NEVER curse at work. It’s a policy of mine. I refuse to curse with bosses and coworkers. And why wouldn’t you return the favor if you never hear me curse?

It’s just so awkward to be talking about serious issues and hear the F-bomb dropped all the time. Malarkey. And disrespectful to a natural-born American.


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