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Eye Roll

Coworker was talking to Vag (a mini version of our Cunt boss). Coworker as usual was trying to tolerate Vag and her annoying attempts at trying to pass off work onto him. He was in the middle of ending his conversation with her when Cunt called his name. I hear:

“I saw you roll your eyes at me!!” from Cunt.

“What? What are you talking about? I was rolling my eyes at Vag yet again and the things she says!”

“I don’t think you were!! But either way, I know you roll your eyes at me!!”

“Ugh yes, maybe sometimes I probably do.”

“Well…I want that to stop.”

Wow. I…I don’t know how to respond to that.

Later on I discussed with Tex Mex over IM.

Tex Mex: u ready to leave? Any stories today at work?

Brownman: only that Cunt boss told my coworker “i saw you roll your eyes when i called ur name” and she wants to get him to stop rolling his eyes

Tex Mexr: wtf

Brownman: if i dont punch this bitch in her pregnant gut soon…

Tex Mex: dude sounds like someone who was probably a peasant in mother Russian and got given an executive job here

Browman: how awkward are these people though? i haven’t met a nice Russian yet

Tex Mex: strippers

Brownman: hmm good point

Tex Mex: maybe she was a stripper once and misses it

Brownman: hmm strippers do get knocked up too huh. i wish i can hire someone to punch her in the face


2 Responses

  1. Try paying the idump4u.com guy. He’s done worse for $10

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