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The Third Hole

In line with things I learn, a few weeks ago Mrs. Brownman blew my mind away when she dropped some knowledge on me: women don’t pee from their vagina. Let me repeat that. Women, contrary to what some guys might believe, do NOT urinate from the sex hole. Now I thought in return from dropping my pee stick into a canal, the opposite gender would return the favor by accepting the pee stick via pee hole. The logic is there.

So I googled it. Don’t worry Mrs. Brownman, I googled from my phone- see below. Answer: they have 3 holes! They too have a urethra (not to be confused with eureka!) which is above the vag. Go figure!

Coincidentally in a word game I was playing on my phone during a phone conference a work I spelled the word “vag” for a few points. It’s never as many points as you expect.

The more you know.


4 Responses

  1. Yeah, I didn’t figure that one out until about 3 years ago.

    • Yes!!! Wait, you’re not being sarcastic, right G/W? ‘Cause Mrs. Brownman teases my ignorance on the issue all the time…not sure if dudes are supposed to know this or not…

      • I don’t think my ignorance will help you this time. I’m a virgin = not very acquainted with my nether regions + high school deviant (missed out on all that exciting sex ed)

      • Great…so female virgins are in the same boat as all men at all points in their life

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