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Hit The Bowl

Ladies, I now understand. I get it. Guys don’t hit the bowl when they go to take a leak. I thought it to be an exaggeration or solid hate of your men when you complain about them missing the bowl.

There I was, minding my own business as I popped a squat on the company can. And a guy goes into the stall next to me…and his initial burst of urine plopped on to the floor to my left hitting a spot dangerously close to my stall. No if he had sprayed a bit I’d never notice…but it took a good 0.7 seconds for this guy to adjust his stream and it was long enough for me to notice that I may want to move my own feet.

It makes me wonder. How accurate is my stream? Urinals were designed for the sprayer, but when we get home there’s no way to know if you’re any decent with your aim unless you examine the tiles on the floor. Oh well, not my job. I put the pee out there, it’s up to the toilet which is miles away to catch it. I apologize for any hosts in advance for spritzing on your tiles.


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