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The Fight

I am going to retell a recent incident between Coworker and Cunt (who is the boss of us both). I will not exaggerate anything- I just need you to hear what I heard only 1 cubicle away as this happened right behind me. Cue the ominous music.

Coworker (on a Friday afternoon): Okay well I’m out for the day. Good night all.

Brownman: See ya!

Coworker: ‘Night Cunt! Hmm she’s on the phone, looking me dead in the eye, and says nothing. Whatever. See ya, bro.

(52 seconds later…)

Cunt: Where’s Coworker?? He left??

Brownman: Yea, he told us ALL good night.

Cunt: Coworker!! Coworker!!

(Cunt ended up running after Coworker, and brought him back explaining a task that she needed done.)

Cunt: So get it done.

(3 minutes later, Cunt gets out from her office and goes to Coworker)

Cunt: How long is this going to take?

Coworker: Well things are getting updated right now. So I don’t know for sure.

Cunt: Well I need to know.

Coworker: Look, it’s getting done. Maybe 40 minutes.

Cunt: Fine.

(Cunt returns to her office and comes back out 2 minutes later…almost 6 minutes have now passed)

Cunt: I am sorry about this. You know you can do it home if you want.

Coworker: I’m here already. I just don’t understand why you always pull me back at the very last minute all the time when I sit her for hours just doing ‘busy work’.

Cunt: Stop yelling at me! (trust me, Coworker kept the same low and annoyed tone throughout the entire conversation)

Coworker: I am not yelling at you. It’s just that I am here all day. And now it’s time to go home.

Cunt: It’s no big deal. Go do it home then. It’s no big deal. You want to compare how many times I punch out late over yours? I work way more!!

Coworker: I have another job that I do, so that’s why I was trying to leave on time! (we later discussed that he shouldn’t have said this, and if it comes up again he’ll say that his other “job” is just chores)

Cunt: Well then maybe you don’t like the hours here!! You should go find a place that gives you hours you like!!


So that was the gist of the argument. Since then Coworker has been dormant to any convo outside of work when he speaks with Cunt. What do you 3-4 readers think about this? Did I even make myself clear what happened?


4 Responses

  1. People who brag about working late all the time either:

    1. Have no life


    2. Suck at their job

  2. Cunt is a nasty whore-bitch. She deserves that punch in her preggo belly. Any kid with that as mother needs to be terminated for its own good STAT

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