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Asia Needs Glasses

Asia: omggggggggg i am so STUPID SERIOUSLY the dumbest chinese person ever

Brownman: really? was it something i said that made u realize this?

Asia: YES its all your fault

Brownman: that you’re stupid?

Asia: yes

Brownman: oh….well damn u dumb girl

Asia: spelled the HR girls’ name wrong

Brownman: what hr girl? Some place that u applied to for a job?

Asia: yes! lol

Brownman: lol idiot

Asia: omg, totally did not get the job now.

Brownman: dude, u need brail. clearly u dont see what ur doing

Asia: LOL I was following up on a job! hahahaha damn it!

Brownman: | – )

the slanty eyes in my emoticon above hint at one of us in this convo


Brownman: ok ok no more racist jokes

Asia: kinda funny though


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