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A.J. The Cat Wants Out

The cat decided to that she no longer cares for us and made a dash for outside when we got home yesterday. Mrs. Brownman had to grab the cat’s tail to stop her. I just yelled but held the door wide open in the process.

“Hmm. If she had escaped, would we just go ahead and get a dog?” I asked.

“Well we have to look for her first!” replied Mrs. B.

“Sure. We’ll look for a day. But then we get the dog?”

“A day?? That’s it??”

“Sure. Big city, it’s pointless. Too many nooks and crannies in this forsaken city. I already give up and she didn’t leave us yet.”

“I’m mad at you!” Mrs. B yelled at the cat later on that night. Rightfully so, the little shit proceeded to act up all night. It seems as though she has outgrown her foster parents. But as you would expect, I caught the 2 of them hugging it out this morning. “She’s so cuddly!!”


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