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Mrs. Brownman and I began watching the new NBC series “Outsourced” last night from our DVR stash. We definitely feel the show has potential because there’s a world of similarity here with a white dude being thrown into a sea of Indian people.

“Wow it’s like being at one of your family parties,” Mrs. B said as we watched the lone white guy looking for a place to sit in a lunchroom filled with Indian workers. His job was outsourced to India and my white wife felt the same way since she’s usually the only white person at my family functions.

Clearly it’s similar when white folk usually don’t keep close ties with their family.

“Do you know that Indian person?” she continued.


“How about that one?”

“Dammit no.”

“Do you know the song they’re playing in the background?”

“Ugh no.”

“How about this one?”

“Crap. Yes.”

“Haha! I was bound to score!”

This is going to be a long series. But dammit the show is kinda funny, I need to see more of my brothers.


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