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Would You Punch A Pregnant Woman?

Brownman: would u punch a random pregnant chick in the stomach for $350?

Bellies: nah

Brownman: $550?

Bellies: nah

Brownman: ugh $2,500?

Bellies: nope

Brownman: $15,000?

Bellies: no

Brownman: wow, i can’t get you to punch my boss at all huh? how about as a favor? like that time we got White Castle and you threw it all up outside my car

Bellies well u said random…if they deserve it and/or black then yeah i would for the right money

Brownman: oh ok…well then…i didn’t play the “u owe me a favor” card. this chick deserves it

Bellies: LMAO

Brownman: um, and she isn’t 100% white so if that helps

Bellies: LOL well it is a favor for a dear friend … that is all I need to know


3 Responses

  1. I’ll punch her for free if she’s wearing one of those belly-baring tanks.

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