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Slacks for the Slacker

I saw a coworker wearing jeans today and it totally shocked me. If you recall- here at “Tired” we are a strict corporate place that wears shirt, ties, and slacks at all times. Except for the summer. On the last Friday of the 3 months in summer. Coworker didn’t realize that not only is summer over, today isn’t the last Friday of September to begin with- rather it’s the first Friday of October!

After a good laugh we both determined it wasn’t that huge of a deal. Sure, he sticks out like a sore thumb but his position doesn’t require much interaction with other coworkers. Ah, you’re one step of me reader! “Why bother bringing up the story in a blog if there wasn’t an interesting point?” you ask.

Because today for the first time ever in his career: Coworker was told to report to an Executive Meeting with the owner of the company. Cunt, who is also his boss, was disappointed in the choice of clothing today so she had to rehearse a back story to explain jeans and polo. They went with the casual clothes as being back up to spilled coffee on his shirt and slacks.


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