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Rainy Day In New York

Bellies at Home:

[09:10] Brownman: yo yo

[09:10] Bellies: what up

[09:11] Brownman: days like these i know ur happy to be home

[09:11] Bellies: LOL
[09:11] Bellies: well at least u just have to travel within the suburbs instead of using the train to Manhattan

[09:12] Brownman: time-wise it was just as bad

[09:12] Bellies: LMAO

[09:12] Brownman: dunno if i rather train or car

[09:12] Bellies: but atleast no crazy people pushing u

[09:12] Brownman: prob train…less of a chance of an accident
[09:13] Brownman: yea that’s a factor
[09:13] Brownman: i wonder what Mrs. Brownman had to go thru
[09:13] Brownman: lemme get back to u on that, and i’ll make my final decision
[09:13] Brownman: see if she has stories

Mrs. Brownman at Work:

[09:40] Brownman: how was trip in?

[09:40] Mrs. Brownman: wet
[09:40] Mrs. Brownman: and icky
[09:40] Mrs. Brownman: but fine

[09:40] Brownman: people were ok?

[09:41] Mrs. Brownman: yeah
[09:41] Mrs. Brownman: lol why?

[09:42] Brownman: just trying to see if i would have rather been in the traffic in this rain or taking the train with people

Brownman at Work:

9:46AM. It took me over an hour to get here, maybe 45 minutes of traffic. After careful thought I have decided I rather have taken the car to a diner and skipped work altogether, just to say I too traveled in the rain that’s been making everyone late to work today.


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