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How’s Work?

[09:24] Brownman: ask me how work has been

[09:24] Bellies: how is work

[09:25] Brownman: it has been MARVELOUS
[09:25] Brownman: my cunt-of-a-boss has been out of the office for 7 straight work hours now dating back to yesterday
[09:25] Brownman: i almost want to just run out in the rain and sing my praises
[09:25] Brownman: name your God, I shall praise him

[09:26] Bellies: LMAO

[09:26] Brownman: oh most wondrous day!!

5 minutes later

[09:31] Brownman: crap
[09:31] Brownman: boss just walked in
[09:31] Brownman: i am so miserable
[09:32] Brownman: my ears shrivel like my cock in a pool when i hear her voice

[09:32] Bellies: LMAO


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