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Theories I Invent: Women Can’t Be In The Workplace

Today’s prank included 3 strings of scotch tape blocking off Vag’s cube. She takes our pranks in good stride. But, you know how it goes with women. You don’t mess with them like you would a guy. Because, well hormones kick in. And what turned into just a minor inconvenience to Vag’s morning spiraled into something more.

“You guys are fucking ANNOYING” yelled Vag as she tore down the 3 pieces of tape. She came storming in as is whilst on the phone in an angered tone. She then proceeded to go back through the door she came in obviously reeling from whatever life altering crap she’s going through. And there we had it. Vag’s estrogen ruling over reasoning.

Which leads to another theory. Women just can’t keep it in their pants. The estrogen, that is. They wear their emotions on their sleeves and end up showing their cards at work. You’re telling me a fight with your boyfriend or your kid cutting school gives you a free pass to be a cunt at work? Nay, dumb broad. You will be as naïve to your current life status and emotions as guys have to be.

Perhaps this isn’t a theory- I think it’s just a straight up fact. I’m sure it doesn’t help that guys are generally dicks to women in the workplace in the first place…but women can surely bitch back to their coworkers the way they do about everything else that seems to bring them down.



4 Responses

  1. I think it’s true. I let my personal life affect my work life. I wish I didn’t, but I do. I know when it’s that time of the month my temper gets short with people at work. But it’s either they fear me or they think I’m a pussy. My options in the workplace are limited and I’d rather be feared because it borders on respect. Lame, I know.

    • That sucks that it takes a bully approach to earn respect. But in general where the balls don’t always rule I notice dudes tip-toe to avoid offending a dame. And that’s probably a result of another broad scarring the guy from her emotional breakdown. You fight the good fight Mrs. B. We need the $$

  2. I can handle a prank though that’s for sure.

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