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Saved By The Bell A Metaphor?

As per usual Saved by the Bell played in the background as we got ready for work.

“Ah I hate this episode,” I told Mrs. Brownman as I disrobed for my shower. Not sure why you need to know that I was disrobing for the story. “Zack might not graduate. Know how I know this is the episode after just a glance?


“Because Zack is wearing this awful blue flannel shirt that I hate.”


After I stepped out the shower Mrs. B said “Ugh I hate this episode. It’s so stupid.”

“Huh? Why?

“Because Screech gets valedictorian. He rescinds because Jessie bitched about it. She goes up and says she isn’t good with words- so she has Zack go up and speak. He then has Screech go up again. I mean…Zack should NOT be speaking. Who the hell is he?”

“The star of the show?”

“He’s some regular dumb high school kid that coasts by in school and gets away with everything. Why should he get to speak? No, Zack. Sit the hell down, you deserve nothing.”

“Wow. Got some deep down resentment there love?”

“Shut up. This isn’t going on your blog. I’m turning off the TV, you pissed me off as much as Zack…”

“…and every other high school teen?”



4 Responses

  1. He wasn’t just some dumb kid. He scored a 1502 on the SATs (compared to Jesse’s 1500… she had issues with that… shit, chick couldn’t deal with folks smarter than her).

  2. Mr. Brownman got it wrong. I never said he was dumb. I even brought up the SAT score. I said he was a slacker in school and still got the attention he craved. Not a good lesson for children. Also Mr. Brownman got the order wrong. It was Jesse then Screech then ended with Zack. I had to point that out.

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