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Bellies And The Laundry

[10:39] Bellies: brb later, doing landury be back in 2 hours
***[10:39] Bellies: has left the chat***

[10:40] Brownman: lol Bellies doing laundry

[10:40] Tex Mex: jajaja

[10:40] Brownman: he needs 5 machines for 5 shirts

[10:40] Tex Mex: LMAO
[10:40] Tex Mex: u fucked up

[10:40] Brownman: LOL
[10:40] Brownman: remind me to tell him when he gets back
[10:40] Brownman: that’s a good one

[10:40] Tex Mex: you’re too much

[10:40] Brownman: lol no
[10:41] Brownman: his pants are too much
[10:41] Brownman: ahahahah

[10:41] Tex Mex: jajajja


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