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Toilet Talk: Interview Gone Retarded

As I sit here in the third restroom searched for an empty stall to droppa ‘Shima, I think about the perks of this job. Clearly a third restroom is an immediate benefit. It almost makes me wonder why I bother interviewing elsewhere when I know there are tight bathroom quarters and bed bug epidemics in the places with potential jobs.

I also remember a recent interview that was weird simply because the guy dropped the word “retarded” a lot. In a PI kind of world what makes him think I’m okay with a job that has “retarded” regulations and “retarded” procedures? What if I was offended by the word? I already stopped using the word in regular lingo since 2000 when America decided that every derogatory word is no longer funny except for “curry eating Indians” and “sand niggers”.

Society has beaten into my head that midgets, retards, and gays are no longer funny people. So I was kind of offended to hear this dude even use the word to describe a job I’m supposed to want in the first place. Dumb ass.


2 Responses

  1. thanks for sticking up for the r word even if in a roundabout way.

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