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Social B. S.

Our company “Tired” has a Social Media component to them – the Facebook, Youtube, Twatting, Myspacing- it’s all a part of the company’s marketing vehicle. I barely go to these sites at work because I could care less and I don’t like to look at Facebook during work anyways. But today a coworker IMed me a Youtube link which led to a dead page. Then I realized: the page isn’t dead, I’m blocked from Youtube. I tried Facebook and got the same result. I used to get access because it is part of my job to see how these pages perform for us. Heck, I’m in on the meetings that spark some Social Media interactions.

How in the world does a company operate like this? How do they determine what sites I can and can’t access? Clearly no logic is applied to determine- so what the hell Tired? I am TIRED myself of this crap. I left a previous job for the Nazi-ism…I can’t even listen to my Howard Stern anymore.

Boils my water to the umpteenth degree, America.


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