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Birthday On Broadway

I was also recently tasked with playing music for a boy’s 16th birthday party. A Sweet 16, if you will, for a budding young boy. Now this Indian man known as Brown has no problem playing for the white boy and his teeny friends despite it being an odd concept: a Sweet 16 for a young man. It’s just a bit of a challenge when you have to play for a 16 year old boy who is in the Drama (aka Theater) Club. A boy that’s in a Drama Club, smiles very little, and acts the diva role very well.

An hour in to playing music, I get a request from him to play from his ipod. The song? Something from Aida and later on another song from Rent. 2 Broadway songs, and boy did the crowd act the part. Synchronized dancing ensued along with limber motions where I felt the birthday boy might break at any moment.

But I accept this boy’s Broadway moves and his Sweet 16. What I don’t accept is the smell of feet all his friends emitted in my direction. Teenagers smell in general I suppose…but don’t they get out of school early enough to hit the showers?

The b-day boy also had another request. His friend was going to ask a girl to Homecoming.

“Homecoming…to….what’s he coming home to?”

“No!” b-day boy said “Homecoming. The dance.”

“OH!! Sorry, I forgot my Saved by the Bell episodes. We never had Homecoming where I come from.”

I realize now I sound like I come from a 3rd world country, but I meant we didn’t have Homecomings in New York City schools.


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