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Pick Up Line

[11:01] Brownman: i wanna rub ur ass till a genie pops out

[11:02] Mrs. Brownman: lol a genie won’t pop out

[11:03] Brownman: right. hence the excuse to keep on rubbing
[11:03] Brownman: “are you done yet?”
[11:03] Brownman: “no, do you SEE a genie?”

[11:04] Mrs. Brownman: lol oh baby
[11:04] Mrs. Brownman: ur gonna chafe my bum!

[11:05] Brownman: my touch is delicate and sweet
[11:05] Brownman: i treat ur ass with the respect it deserves
[11:05] Brownman: sure, people put the pussy on a pedestal
[11:06] Brownman: but for me…ur ass rocks that pole
[11:06] Brownman: tee hee


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