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Passing Time

Today’s way to pass time at work:

We noticed that this one guy gets up from his desk at least 15 times a day…with 3/4 of those times spent outside taking a fag break (cigarette break here in the States). His boss never says anything, and we’re a little jealous. So every time he gets up I move his mouse from the right side to the left. A small annoyance, but he definitely won’t have a suspicion that I’m doing it since we barely talk and I sit so far from him.

As an added bonus, every time Vag (a “yes man” to our boss “Cunt”) gets up I do the same to her mouse. She got back to her desk just now and said “why are you guys moving my mouse? It’s annoying!”.

[11:23] Brownman: she isnt completely retarded

[11:23] Coworker: LOL

[11:23] Brownman: she understands that moving the mouse is “annoying”

[11:25] Coworker: LOL
[11:26] Coworker: she’s on top of everything!

[11:27] Brownman: haha
[11:27] Brownman: that’s our Vag! Always in-the-know!


3 Responses

  1. Sounds like my vag too. Always in the know.

  2. Also, I’m definitely going to start moving people’s mouses

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