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Brownman Does Broadway

Why no posts yesterday? No no my dear 3 readers- I don’t hate you guys. You’re the only 3 that keep this blog going! Yea I know, I said I had 2 readers…but I assume I picked up 1 more frequent reader from groundbreaking posts like “The Wool Pants” and “I’d Eat It Just ‘Cause It’s You”.

Yesterday I was in the great city of New York for a meeting. Fun? Hardly. I never enjoyed life in the big city, and leave it up to our agency to pick the day Obama was visiting to have a meeting. But no worries, fellow readers. This angry Indian wasn’t aggravated at ALL by the black president! However, another black guy on the train ride in did cause me grief. Homeboy did NOT move over at all in a two-seater row to give room for my already-tiny ass. Only half way into the ride did he realize his ass was chaffing the side of mine before finally moving in.

At this all important meeting that could have easily taken place over the phone, this Asian lady I’ve met before comes up to me and says “hello”…followed by a kiss on the check. She took me by surprise and went for a kiss on the check. I said “oh!” as she leaned in and then “my, you’re friendly” when we ended the awkward gesture. Who kisses anyone on the cheek in an office environment?

That was the bulk of my New York excursion. No Obama run-ins. No dirty subway riders since I took the railroad. The city is pretty decent when you don’t deal with it everyday.


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