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The Wool Pants

Today I debated whether or not to wear wool pants to work because it still isn’t winter yet. It is FREEZING at work. This place has been cold now for 6 months straight. So I went with the wool. And I am now just cold in the feet, hands, and clearly nips. These suckers almost poked a whole in my Styrofoam cup I drank out of.

[11:33] Brownman: fuck me this place is the reason i drink coffee
[11:33] Brownman: so damn cold
[11:33] Brownman: except my balls
[11:33] Brownman: that’s good
[11:34] Brownman: they’re nice and toasty

[11:34] Mrs. Brownman: lol cause of the wool pants?

[11:34] Brownman: YUP


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