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Pointless Meetings

I have a weekly meeting that is more than loathed here at “Tired”. It’s one of those staff meetings that most of you 2 readers might have: go around the room and mouth off what you’re working on. Clearly if you’re working on something that remotely involves anyone else in the room- you’d be constantly interacting with that person outside of this meeting.

Thus, that leaves a bunch of us reading off a laundry list of projects that we’re working on which no one else cares about but the person speaking and the boss. In essence, it becomes a meeting to prove you’re doing something. I scramble to come up with things to talk about but luckily since I’m the last one to speak I am rushed because everyone else has things to do.

Cunt and Vag, my not-so-cool boss and her minion, usually hijack the meeting and discuss their own projects despite no one caring and them talking to each other all the live-long day.

Kicker to these meetings? They are NEVER on time. So this means that if 30 minutes have passed after everyone said “let’s meet in 15”- you’re still glued to your desk because this thing can happen at any moment. Want to pee? Can’t because then one of the managers will say “we said it’s starting soon, where’s Brownman?”

There needs to be a rule that after 15 minutes if no one meets then you need to reschedule a new meeting.


2 Responses

  1. These are my Thursday morning meetings! You need to enforce the 15 minute rule like Zack Morris.

    By the way I just gave a dude the bitch seat. Yay me!

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