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Feel The Love

[12:13] Brownman: just sprawling on the couch on top of u is awesome…can’t wait to get home
[12:13] Brownman: minus the cat of course
[12:13] Brownman: it’s awesome

[12:17] Mrs. Brownman: good
[12:17] Mrs. Brownman: cause we’re doing it tonight
[12:17] Mrs. Brownman: and not going to the grocery
[12:17] Mrs. Brownman: maybe tomorrow
[12:17] Mrs. Brownman: i just want to go home
[12:17] Mrs. Brownman: it’s been one of those days
[12:17] Mrs. Brownman: i NEED to go home
[12:17] Mrs. Brownman: i shouldn’t have gotten out of bed
[12:17] Mrs. Brownman: i’m gonna snap at Bob at work, John, or Amy
[12:17] Mrs. Brownman: or all of them

[12:19] Brownman: wait wait wait
[12:19] Brownman: we’re doing it?

[12:20] Mrs. Brownman: i meant the couch
[12:20] Mrs. Brownman: laying on the couch

[12:21] Brownman: oooh
[12:21] Brownman: i was already drawing up positions
[12:21] Brownman: guess i’ll erase the dryboard


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