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Undermining At Work

Oh that Cunt boss of mine. She is AWESOME. Here’s an exchange that happened today:

“Coworker, can you adjust the image you just created for me?” Cunt began. Mind you I’m already worn thin in patience of her assface-voice by now so I apologize for not presenting a biased account of the story for you to judge on your own. She’s called “Cunt” for a reason. Or “PregnaCunt”…or “VagCunt” when she morphs with her little minion of a tiny cunt colleague of ours. Sorry, back to story.

“Yea, sure. What do you need?”

“Make the font larger so that people know they get a free item with purchase.”

“Oh I did, but it doesn’t show well.”

“Well what do you think? How does it look?”

“I really think it doesn’t matter- the cheap product we’re offering for ‘free’ isn’t enough to really influence a purchase.”

[insert a change in Cunt’s voice…a little condescending with each line]: “What? Well that’s your opinion. We need to do as I say.”

“Okay, well you asked for my opinion,” Coworker was already catching crap from Cunt all day- I really think he was ready to break.

“Yes, and your opinion is not a ‘Sales’ opinion. You do the design. I’ll handle the sales. Did you read that book I gave you on how to deal with inner thoughts?”

“I’ll change it. Just don’t ask for my opinion if you don’t want to listen to it.”

Imagine listening to this banter all day? By now all I do is listen for Cunt to fumble her car keys in her office- like a trained dog I get all giddy expecting it to be time for her to leave for the day. How do you put a subordinate in their place like that with EVERYONE in the office listening?


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