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The Ex Question

[15:58] Brownman: be truthful now

[15:59] Tex Mex: with what?

[16:00] Brownman: an ex of mine comes up to you and asks you to shave her pubes while you masturbate – for it is how she gets off –
[16:00] Brownman: i will never ever find out
[16:00] Brownman: would u do it?
[16:02] Brownman: for this exercise u can choose any ex u want

[16:02] Tex Mex: ur EX? damn, nah, there is a limit to my madness, i dont do exes of my boys

[16:09] Bellies: ew she should be shaven
[16:09] Bellies: lol

[16:09] Brownman: lol
[16:11] Brownman: so u will?

[16:12] Bellies: nah man it is my bff ex that is wrong

[16:13] Brownman: what if my ex was Salma Hayek?

[16:13] Tex Mex: lol

[16:14] Bellies: celebs dont count they fuck each other’s wives all the time

[16:15] Brownman: dude…its my ex

[16:15] Tex Mex: jaja
[16:15] Tex Mex: there is no winning in this question

[16:16] Bellies: if u was fucking salma u would not be my friend so i would do it

[16:16] Tex Mex: LMAO

[16:16] Brownman: oh wth


2 Responses

  1. Wait, you have exes?? That’s not what you told me.

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