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I’d Eat It Just ‘Cause It’s You

[11:00] Bellies: so would you drink off of ur wife?

[11:01] Brownman: what do u mean?

[11:01] Bellies: like u see in movies
[11:01] Bellies: like champange
[11:01] Bellies: dripping off her body…

[11:03] Brownman: yea of course
[11:03] Brownman: i think i’d even eat her ass out
[11:03] Brownman: and that’s the highest compliment i can give a woman

[11:04] Bellies: bravo
[11:04] Bellies: like in “From Dusk Till Dawn” with Salma Hayek and the beer down the foot

[11:05] Brownman: lol
[11:07] Brownman: would you drink off of your girl?
[11:07] Brownman: and while ur at it drink some of that champagne off her bunghole?

[11:07] Bellies: i would drink off of most women
[11:07] Bellies: as long as i clean tehm off
[11:08] Bellies: i must bathe u first then lick you
[11:08] Bellies: my rule

[11:08] Brownman: super, so i shower and i get a licking?
[11:08] Brownman: hope ur good at it

[11:08] Bellies: LMAO


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